Hello and thank you for checking out my podcast! My name is Patrick Moore and I love to explore, hence the very clever name of my show. If you had always found the host of the Moore to Explore podcast charming and wanted to know a little bit more about him, well you have come to the right place.

I grew up with my two wonderful and totally bad ass mothers in a little town north of San Francisco in Marin County California. It was on the endless trails and open spaces that Marin County has to offer that I discovered my love for the outdoors. Although my parents loved to drag me on hikes as a child and force me to “soak in the view” it wasn’t until I joined the cross country team in high school that I really started to appreciate the beautiful surroundings that I grew up in. As many of us do, the older I get the Moore I become like my mothers, wanting nothing more out of life than to soak in the view.

After graduation from Gonzaga University I moved to Seattle to pursue my love of partying and live music. It was a fun and blurry period of my life that had me working in a corporate cubicle to pay for my ever increasing music festival habit. After a few years I started to get an itch for a different life so I saved up some money, quit my job, and decided to live out of my car for the summer. I had recently discovered the joys of backcountry camping and I felt compelled to visit the parks that make America so great, and try to sort out a little bit of this challenging thing called life. I lived on the road for five months, crashing with friends when I could, and visiting every major national park in the western United States. I backpacked in Joshua Tree, The Grand Canyon, Canyon Lands, Arches, Natural Bridges, Redwood, Glacier, Yellowstone, Tetons, and Rocky Mountain National Parks. It was this trip that really was the seed that would become the Moore to Explore podcast.

My time on the road and exploring in the wilderness ignited a love for travel, and as soon as my trip was over I was already scheming about the next adventure. Thoroughly broke from my road trip I moved home to work at an organic and natural foods store. As I stocked bulk food bins and switched to all natural deodorant I began to dream of the lush jungles of Central America and the extreme landscapes of Patagonia. After a year and a half I finally had saved enough money to buy a plane ticket and begin my next chapter. I had expected to be awed by the jagged mountains and deep blue glaciers of Patagonia, and to fall in love with seeing monkey’s swinging through the tropical jungles above as I sipped fresh coconut water. What I didn’t expect from my seven month journey through Central and South America was how impactful the people I met would be. Fellow travelers I met at hostels and families I stayed with through my journey helped me see the world and the country I lived in through a different lens. During this time I thought how cool it would be to document these conversations for a podcast. Finally after seven months, skipping at least one plane ride home, and mounting credit card debt it was time to return home to refurbish my coffers and my Dr. Bronner’s.

When I moved home the idea of starting a podcast stuck with me. I knew with my current financial situation I wouldn’t be able to launch the travel podcast I had dreamed of just yet, but I didn’t see why I shouldn’t start learning about podcasting now. This lead to the launch of my first podcast project Pat’s Podcasts. The show focuses on three topics: conversations with people in different careers about what it is like to work in those fields, emigrant stories about their experience coming to the United States, and conversations with fellow queer spawn like myself about what it was like growing up with an LGBTQ parent or parents. I am very proud of the conversations I was able to have on this show and I still try to release at least one episode a month for this show via Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and on my Lisbyn website

From Pat’s Podcasts I am now finally able to create the travel podcast I had always dreamed of, Moore to Explore! After spending a summer working as a commercial fishermen in Alaska I was able to save enough to finally take this show abroad. The first destination has been Vancouver, B.C. in beautiful Canada. The show will continue on to Cuba, Germany or Columbia, and then possibly New Zealand! Thank you for checking out the show and if you would like to support it please leave a review in Apple Podcasts or follow us on Instagram/like us on Facebook.