OG Pat Chats 003 (a travel podcast!)

I first started the #Patchats series with my original podcast project Pat’s Podcasts. I was quitting my job to pursue an opportunity to work as a commercial salmon fisherman in Alaska. I documented the experience in a type of audio diary from the moment I put in my notice at work until I was home safe, sound, and dry ready to reflect on my summer of fishing. Since I am now again in the wilds of Alaska doing another season of fishing (that will hopefully pay for another year of travel and podcasting) I thought now was the perfect month to rerelease these episodes. Please enjoy this Moore to Explore summer special the OG #Patchats series! 


As the Pat Chats series returns I pick up with the first chapter of my Alaskan adventure. This weeks episode the events of my first full week in Alaska living in the boat yard and my reflections so far.